Product Handling - Epoch Iceberg Ice

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Product Handling

We recommend storing iceberg ice at 0℉ - 20℉. Anything colder is unnecessary and may damage the product and/or affect tempering process.

Tempering is a process that allows the ice to warm-up before use, which prevents cracking when liquid is poured over the ice. Temper time varies based on where the ice is tempered. We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes at room temperature. Warning: do not to pour warm or hot liquid on iceberg ice as it can shatter. Use within an hour.

We have carefully designed our packaging to avoid the need for hands and fingers touching the iceberg ice. Our product is remarkably pure and best enjoyed with minimal human contact. If making a large amount of drinks or serving iceberg ice in ice buckets we always recommend the use of serrated ice tongs.

Always pour the beverage over the ice rather than dropping the cube or sphere into a full glass. For the maximum efficiency and minimal dilution always, fill the glass to the level of ice to chill the cocktail.

Although not recommended, you may refreeze iceberg ice for future use. Be sure to keep your carton if you plan to do so and ensure your iceberg ice is not left open to freezer environment where it will be subject to evaporation.